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What Is Patent?

It is the monopoly right granted to the patent owner for a limited time and place to prevent the invention from being produced, sold, used or imported by third parties without permission. Protection periods begin as of the application date and continue for the periods specified in the table below. The protection period of the patent is 20 years.

How May Regis Assist You?

It performs the necessary procedures in the entire process of the application and processes of the inventions that can be the subject of a patent.



What Is Application?

In order to protect the invention, an application will be made to the Institution. Application will include the form, description, claims, abstract, application fee and, if any, pictures of the invention.

How May Regis Assist You?

Regis works on the claims to be included in the patent application, prepares the application forms, and follows up after the application procedures.

Regis manages the objection process if the patent owner has the subject of the patent or the parts that are requested to be changed.


What Is Objection?

Third parties may object to the patent by paying the objection fee together with the objection form within six months from the publication of the decision to grant the patent in the bulletin.

How May Regis Assist You?
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What Is Opposition?

The applicant may object to the content of the search report by attaching the relevant documents within three months from the publication of the search report, and third parties may express their opinions. The applicant may submit his/her opposing view to the Institution.

How May Regis Assist You?

Regis, if necessary, prepares the opposing view, directs the necessary documents to be obtained, and sends the opposing view to the institution after the research report.

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