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  • Regis allows you to commercialize your invention and earn through licensing.
  • It works so that you and your invention can reach their true value.
  • In other words, unfair use of your invention by others is prevented.
  • Patent  Countries we can buy: All European Union countries, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, China and Australia.
  • Regis protects your designs against imitators at home and abroad by registering them.
  • It completes additional processes such as objection, lawsuit, transfer, license, renewal, valuation regarding the design. 
  • By obtaining your design registration with Regis, you gain an identity while valuing your product and get ahead of your competitors.
  • In this way, only you or the person/institutions you have contracted with can gain commercial benefits from your licensed designs and your labor is prevented from being wasted.
  • Protect your domain name and website that reflects your brand and prevent them from being copied.
  • Regis prevents your website from being imitated and copied with domain name registration.
  • Regis retrieves your stolen or occupied domains, prevents imitations.
  • Your games and software can be imitated or copied. Regis protects your databases, icons, interface design and characters by copyright. It provides value through licensing. 
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  • We built our experience by obtaining the trademark registration of tens of international and domestic brands. Regis' brand service allows you to protect your brand from similar ones in any country for 20 years.
  • You can get rid of legal sanctions that may come your way while your brand is valued with practical, fast and effective solutions.
  • Countries where we can get trademark registration: All European Union countries, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, China and Australia.
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