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Domain Name


The domain name is the address used instead of the IP numbers, which is difficult and confusing for websites. Like IP addresses, domain names are specific for the website.

How Can Regis Assist You?

Regis provides consultancy services to register your desired domain name and obtain the right to use it. Also, if you think your domain name rights have been violated, Regis provides the right dispute resolution methods and take the necessary steps.

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Domain Name Registration


Domain name registration means to lease the usage rights of the domain name.

How Can Regis Assist You?

Regis, registers your chosen domain name with registrars accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) for the period you want. Thus, even if your website is not active, the domain name we registered cannot be used by anyone other than you.

Regis applies to ICANN-authorized entities or directly to competent jurisdictions for the application of the ICANN Arbitration Procedure, depending on the nature of the dispute.

Dispute Resolution


Since the "first come, first served" rule is adopted in domain name registration, disputes regarding the domain name are frequently encountered. Especially due to people who have registered their domain names in bad faith in order to sell them later, domain name became common for domain name right holders.

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How Can Regis Assist You?

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